Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Delayed Gratification

You know how in my last post I compared releasing your first novel to losing your virginity? How both were things you could only do once? Turns out I was wrong about that. Turns out you actually can release your debut novel more than once; or at least you can have more than one release date.

I woke up this morning excited about the February 1 release of FINAL VECTOR, certain I was on the verge of selling millions of copies of my debut thriller. Or at least dozens. Or maybe a few. One, definitely. I checked Amazon and discovered . . . drumroll, please . . . wait for it . . . nothing.

It turns out even my conservative estimate of one potential sale was wildly optimistic. There were no sales, because the book was not on the site! So I waited a while and I checked again. Still nothing. I checked Barnes and Noble. Nothing. Went back to Amazon and, well, you get the idea.

After a few emails and a couple of lengthy phone calls with the folks at Medallion Press, my publisher, it turns out the release of FINAL VECTOR has been delayed for a few days due to problems with the ebook file conversion at the distributor.

I know what you're thinking: what the hell does that mean, and why didn't I find out sooner?

Answers: I'm not quite sure, and I'm not quite sure.

I received a series of effusive and, I believe, sincere apologies from the folks at Medallion for not keeping me in the loop better (which I accepted), as well as explanations about overworked file conversion houses who prioritize their work based upon client and publisher size and pull (which I sort of understand).

At any rate, the upshot of all this is that the book will become available for purchase at various outlets - Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc - at different times over the next several days. So, while Medallion's official release date for FINAL VECTOR is now February 11, it is entirely possible, even likely, that you will be able to get the book before then, depending upon the retail outlet.

Confused yet?

Don't worry about it; so am I. But trust me when I tell you I will be shouting from the highest rooftop, or at least from this blog, the moment I learn my book becomes available at each of the various bookselling sites.

In the meantime, my blog tour in support of the book that kind of, sort of, almost exists continues tomorrow with a guest post and book giveaway at Between the Pages. I know, there's nothing to give away! But there will be, recent events notwithstanding, and I promise I will get the free copy to the winner the instant it rolls off the presses, or the Innerwebs, or, you know, whatever the hell an electronic book rolls off.

Seriously, thanks so much to everyone who has expressed an interest in FINAL VECTOR. I truly appreciate your patience and your support. Nick Jensen will face off against those terrorists any day now.

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