Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

This isn't an easy letter to write. We've been together exclusively since July, 2008, just the two of us, you and me against the world, joined at the keyboard, facing down every challenge thrown at us.

And I've enjoyed every minute of it, Blog, I really have. I think it's fair to say I've . . . loved it. That's what makes what I am about to type so difficult. I have something to confess. I think I have to get back out there in the game, Blog. I think I have to . . . post on other blogs.

There. I said it. Wow. I feel a lot better, don't you?

You don't? Why not? You don't understand? What do you mean you don't understand?

Here's the thing, Blog. I've written a book; you know that, right? Of course you do. FINAL VECTOR. Well, there is this thing called, um, a blog tour that I will be doing when my book comes out, and that means I will be making guest posts on other blogs, blogs from all over the country, maybe even the world, and it will be really good exposure, and -

- What? What did you say, Blog? A tramp? I am not a tramp. I'm doing this for us, don't you see? I will be getting much-needed exposure for us, so that my book will sell.

And besides, it's just a blog tour. It's no big deal. It will be like The Bachelor, only without the chicks and the sex. And the hot tubs. I'm pretty sure there will be no hot tubs.

Don't be so upset, Blog, it's not forever. It's only two months, and besides, it's not like we won't be seeing each other at all. I will be posting my tour stops here as I go, so really, we will be seeing more of each other now than we have in the past!

So how about it, Blog? Maybe we can even get a few authors to provide guest posts here every now and then, how does that sound? Can you live with that?

Excellent, Blog, you're the best! And when this blog tour is all over it will still be you and me, just like always, I promise!

What's that? A blood test? No, I won't get a blood test afterward. Jeez, Blog, don't be such a drama queen for chrissakes. And don't look at me with those disapproving fonts. You're making me feel dirty.


Ju Zie said...

Good luck with the tour!

Al Leverone said...

Thanks a lot, Ju; I think it's going to be a lot of fun...

Bri Clark said...

Ok Blog revenge is so sweet. And because I am a supportive person and because I am a sucker for Bradley Hand font I'll guest post whenever we want. Make him jealous.


IM me

Winston Riley said...

Hi Allan. How cool. I read the review for Final Vector from Vincent Zandri crowing you as successor to Michael Crichton (Beatles song I want money or Jerry Maguire Show me the Money comes to mind!)

I watched the trailer. Did that other company, which seems to be a publisher produce that? Or did you. Gives me a great idea because I make videos and am in marketing. But to continue.

I've never bought an ebook and would have to read it on my computer or smart phone but I don't mind doing it, espeicially for a little kind advice.

I'm not a full time writer. I mean I write quite a bit in my job with a marketing company. I can't begin to say, well I can begin to say and even can figure it out, but don't want to--remember how many websites I've done for my businesses or other companies.

But now I am writing adventure stories as one of my hobbies. I also paint and sculpt and play music. So a serious writer like you would rightly imagine that I don't spend enough time at writing to deserve many readers.

That is really what this is all about. I read the current post, about Dear Blog--What to do. Funny. Funny guy. I also feel you.

I'm thinking that if I want to get people to read my novellas which are written as blogs (I don't even care about them making money, in fact, don't want to bother with that, just wish a few dozen people would think it is fun to read them), I'm going to have to start doing the whole schtick of reading lots of other blogs and submitting comments. Then in turn, those blog writers go and make comments on other people's blogs. Maybe finding writers to read, and then if they say kind things it will more likely bring other readers? Hell, I don't know. I still wonder if it is all because I can't write my self out of a douche bag.

Here's the deal. When I go to these lists and start reading, most of them aren't the genre. People talking about what they cooked, or who to vote for, or why life sucks, or why they're brilliant or whatever.

I want to read Final Vector. It looks great. I've jumped around from site to site and only once found the place where I order it as an e-book. Looked for it on Amazon and couldn't find it so I'm guessing it is published only as an E-book? But no problem. I'll buy it.

And you're way too busy I'm sure to look at my newest sequel to my last novella, but it is called Oats. It is a sequel to Children of Zol and originally I was writing it for the four or five readers from my last story, but now I will take it to new territory and change it how I need to so it will stand on its own. Zol is perhaps much deeper with a lot more biting satire to it, but Oats is where I'm at now.

I'll go connect with you in all the places I've found to do so. I'll put the url here for the current blog but understand that you can't go tromping off to every neighborhood, just because someone sends you a note.

But we may find other ways to help each other, who knows?

When we're hooked by FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the most recent neural implants (have to read Zol for those), we should have all the tools the universe has bestowed so that all we starving artists can starve in the broad daylight of endless connections.

Looking forward to being a real life fan of Final Vector. I'll find that link again and buy.

Here's the Oats blog,