Friday, September 24, 2010

Coming Soon to a Reviewer Near You

I found out yesterday that the ARCs for FINAL VECTOR will be going out in October to review sites and to those authors who have very graciously agreed to read the book and possibly provide a blurb if they like it. The book is in the final stages of layout and formatting, which Medallion says will be completed by the end of September, so I'm assuming the ARCs will be on their way to their destinations earlier in October rather than later, but that's just a guess on my part.

I have to confess to feeling equal parts nervousness and excitement. I'm thrilled - no pun intended - that the process is moving along; that the rubber is finally beginning to meet the road. After all this time, we're arriving at the point in the process where I will soon begin to get some feedback on the product I have worked so hard to create.

I know I'm supposed to react to the news of my ARCs going out with practiced indifference - the late, great Walter Payton used to say, "Act like you've been there before," after scoring a touchdown - but the fact of the matter is I haven't been there before. This is all new to me. And unbelievably exciting.

Undoubtedly guys like Barry Eisler and Tom Piccirilli find out the ARCs for their latest book are almost ready to go out and say, "Yeah, okay, great. I wonder who's gonna get kicked off Dancing With the Stars tonight?"* while unsuccessfully stifling a yawn and putting the finishing touches on their latest bestseller. For me, though, it's Happy Dance time. And I can't dance.

There is, in the back of my mind though, a small but growing ball of nervous tension. What if nobody likes the thing? What if the reviews start to come in and they're, you know, universally, historically, cosmically bad? I understand not all my reviews are going to be great. After all, everyone has different tastes and even the most successful authors receive the occasional poor review.

But what if they all suck? What if they're really, really bad? William Hung bad? What if I become the laughingstock of the literary equivalent of Youtube which, I suppose, would be - what? Publishers Weekly?

I know that's not going to happen. FINAL VECTOR is quality work and I'm extremely proud of it. I'm just a little nervous; that's all. And excited. Did I mention the ARCs are going out soon?

Man, this process is excruciating.

* Official disclaimer: I have no idea whether Barry Eisler or Tom Piccirilli watches Dancing With the Stars. Not that I'm passing judgment if they do. I still love their work.


Dani said...

Good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing how the entire process pans out. (And if I were you, I would be a nervous wreck and bouncing off the walls in excitement myself!)

Al Leverone said...

Hi Dani, and thanks! I think I'll start to get nervous when reviews start to come in...