Thursday, March 3, 2011

Darkness Will Fall This September

Tom Piccirilli. Jeff Strand. Brian Keene. J.F. Gonzalez. Greg Gifune. Harry Shannon.

What do these outstanding horror authors have in common? They've all had work published by Delirium Books, one of the premier publishers in the horror collector's market. And, as of this coming September, so will I, when my novella, Darkness Falls, will be offered in a 150 copy limited edition hardcover release as part of Delirium's outstanding collectible novella series.

In Darkness Falls, former bestselling author Tyler Beckman returns to the tiny New Hampshire town he fled nearly twenty years ago after the brutal murder of his parents and sister by a scythe-wielding maniac. He landed in New York, writing a half-dozen bestselling gothic horror novels, earning riches and fame before losing it all in a blizzard of drugs, alcohol and women.

Now, in a desperate last-ditch effort to regain what he has lost, Tyler rents the home of his family's imprisoned killer, determined to confront demons best left buried. Immediately his writing flourishes, and in a frenzy of activity, Tyler begins pounding out the novel that will put him back atop the literary world.

But a malevolent force is at work in Darkness Falls, one which is timeless and evil and unstoppable. And it has Tyler Beckman in its sights.

September is the release date for Darkness Falls, and if you're not able to snag one of the 150 limited edition hardcovers, it will also be released in all ebook formats.

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