Monday, May 17, 2010

Can Oprah's Book Club Be Far Behind?

I'm excited as hell to announce that FINAL VECTOR will be featured at Book Trib, that's, on Friday, June 25, as part of their celebration of Thrillerfest 2010.

While I didn't expect to have an opportunity to promote the book this soon - the release date isn't until next February - being featured as a debut thriller author at this very classy literary site is a wonderful way to kick off my promotional efforts in support of FINAL VECTOR.

Book Trib isn't a site featuring just thrillers, or even just genre literature, it's an amalgamation of all kinds of literary efforts across the spectrum of books. If you enjoy reading, even if you don't read the kinds of books I write, I urge you to give the site a look; you won't be sorry.

For me, this feature at Book Trib represents an opportunity beyond just getting some publicity for myself and for my book. As a member of the International Thriller Writers, I am thrilled (pun definitely intended) to get the chance to support the organization in some small way. Plus, FINAL VECTOR was literally conceived as a result of a conversation I had with a literary agent two years ago, during Thrillerfest 2008.

To learn more, though, you will have to check out Book Trib on Friday, June 25. Sorry for the cliffhanger. It's what I do.

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